Areas of Interest

While Four Horse will consider all economic development opportunities
that meet our objectives and are supported by a solid business case,
there are a number of areas where the Corporation sees strong potential.


Commercial Leasing
Four Horse is prepared to look at all types of commercial, industrial, service and manufacturing leasing opportunities. Whatever you’re considering, we’d be happy to hear about it.

Shipping – logistical support
Our land base just minutes from the Global Transportation Hub makes logistical support for shipping a natural fit. We are open to your ideas on ways to take advantage of a rare ground-floor opportunity.

Serving the Global Transportation Hub
The growth and development of the Global Transportation Hub will generate demand for a host of support services. Four Horse has already taken initial steps to profit from our proximity. We have more ideas … and we’d like to hear yours as well.


Industrial land development
With ample land close to Regina and the Global Transportation Hub, Four Horse can offer an ideal combination of access, space and flexibility to a wide range of businesses and industries. Whether you’re looking for raw land, developed land or a development partner, bring your ideas to Four Horse.

Real estate and housing development
Four Horse is currently considering housing development in Yorkton, Melville and on the Zagime home Nations. We’re looking for good partners with great ideas to capitalize on strong housing markets together.

Ag/bio development
Our large, diverse land base offers a host of agricultural and biotechnology possibilities. Four Horse can provide land on a lease basis, letting you maintain complete control of your ag/bio project.


Green energy and resource stewardship
Four Horse takes our role as guardians of the land very seriously. We believe it is possible to protect our environment while providing value and generating solid, sustainable profits by developing green energies and renewable resources. If that fits with your view of the future, let’s talk.

Carbon capture
Carbon capture has the potential to create economic benefits for Four Horse and environmental benefits for everyone. The Corporation is anxious to discuss that potential with like-minded businesses and entrepreneur.