About Four Horse


Four Horse Developments Ltd. (FHDL) is a limited partnership mandated to create economic opportunities for the  Zagime Anishinabek through the development and acquisition of businesses in compliance with the Four Horse Developments Limited Partnership Business Charter and Limited Partnership Agreement. We are, as well, the economic development arm of the First Nation based in Regina, Saskatchewan. We have signed a memorandum of understanding that outlines responsibilities specific to Zagime Anishinabek Nations’ Regina West Lands; and also operate as an independent, arms-length organization that manages economic development and business investments for its shareholders. Our company is governed by its own business charter, articles of incorporation, bylaw, and Board of Directors.


Creating sustainable opportunities for the Seven Generations through economic development.


Identify, develop, and promote opportunities that advance economic prosperity for Zagime First Nations.


Four Horse Developments Ltd. will strive to follow the traditional values of Zagime First Nations.


  • Existing Business Enterprises (Business Renewal, Growth, and Development)

  • Opportunities Identification (Targeting, Seeking, Assessing, and Selecting Suitable New Ventures)

  • New Venture Developments (Assessing, Planning, Financing, Developing, and Implementing Viable Ventures)